Want to join us?

 Beginners, experienced player and those returning to Judo




Whilst there are specific classes for beginners, joining us could not be simpler. You can visit any class and claim your free trial session. You will only need to bring jogging bottoms (ladies also need to bring a T shirt) and we can lend you the rest, a judo top (called a Gi) and a belt (Obi).

Beginners are welcome all nights. We’ll get you started with the basics in your first session you will learn how to throw and land safely and from there you can decide what days are the best for you.  


Experienced player

If you are a more experienced payer come along to the Tuesday class for all round training, Wednesday for Ne-waza focus or a Friday night blast to get you set up for the weekend. 


Returning to Judo


If you are returning to Judo after some time off and want to start back slow, come along on to the Friday or Monday classes. But if you want it to be a bit more intense try Tuesday or Wednesday.