High Wycombe GOLD - 28 May

Ashley Gold


High Wycombe GOLD  - 28 May

The second outing for Ashely this year proved to be fruitful.

Ashley travelled to the High Wycombe Judo Centre on Saturday ( 28 May ) to take part in the annual masters completion.

Having returned from South Africa with a gold medal and on a high it was time to test out his judo in a domestic competitions and nerves were tensed. Contests started well winning the first match with a Wazari throw straight through a transition and into osokomi setting the pattern for the day with the second contest Wazari to osokomi and the final contest Wazari moving to an arm lock translated into osokomi when it became obvious that his opponents grip would not be broken.

Ashley came away with the gold medal and his final 10 points towards his 3rd Dan in the subsequent grading with an Ippon throw.