Ashburton Park - Lions Festival 29 May

Lions Festival fun in Ashburton Park


Ashburton Park -  Lions Festival 29 May

Fun in the park.

James “judo” Jeffrys, Ashley, Clem, Kat, Caitlyn and many of our junior players spend a day in the park on Sunday 29 May at the Lions Festival in Ashburton Park. Setting up by 10:30 the day looked like it could end in a storm; thankfully we had the minibus to shelter in and the Gazeebo to hide under. It turned out to be great day though bright and sunny with juniors arriving for 12 O’clock and many staying beyond 3 we were able to give the public a good view of our sport and encourage many youngsters on to the mat for their first try.   

Our thanks go our junior members, in particular, for attending and providing a great example to everyone.

A fun day for judoka and the public a like look out for similar events later in the year.