The 2015 Kata Course by MR Y IURA, KODOKAN 8TH DAN


The 2015 Kata Course by MR Y IURA, KODOKAN 8TH DAN

Kodokan Goshin-jutsu and Katame-no-kata


On the weekend of the weekend of the 21 /22 November we were lucky enough to hold the 2015 Kata Course Coached by Mr Y Iura, Kodakan 8th Dan. With Goshin-Jutsu on Saturday  and Katame-no-kata  on Sunday this was an amazing opportunity for all to appreciate the coaching o one of the world’s top experts.


Mr Iura has a CV that is too extensive to print in full.  He has coached in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East – too many countries to list here.  The Japan Foundation and the Kodokan have posted him as Judo Expert to countries including Vietnam, India and Turkey. He is a highly experienced Kata Coach who has demonstrated various Kata at Kodokan ceremonies, the All Japan Championships and the Kano Cup.


Participants said....

“…. The two boys enjoyed the Kata course so much it has inspired them to extend their knowledge and will be taking up Dennis and Tina’s> offer for them to visit Portsmouth for tuition. It was also very useful for me to brush up on the latest interpretations and will help me when teaching those two Katas…….. Regards  Mitch


Just wish to thank you for a terrific Goshin Jutsu course yesterday. Really learned a lot, honour to meet Mr Iuru and many others in your superb Dojo…….. Many Thanks  Mike

At the risk of repeating myself, thank you so very much for a fantastic couple of days. Your toasties weren't the only thing keeping me going. You guys were chuffing marvellous. Learned loads and met some superb people. Am welling up whilst penning this, of course……"

Already looking forwards to next time.