Master class Igor Sorcoa 2011 World Bronze Medallists


Master class - Igor Sorcoa 2011 World Bronze Medallists 


Igor Sorcoa 2011 World Bronze Medallists takes Friday night master class on 20th November starting our November weekend of judo. Igor took us through a tough warm up nothing we were expecting until he throw in some daring acrobatics that had most of the class looking and staring in disbelieve before giving it a go. Clearly you need certain skills, flexibility and commitment just to get through these warm ups.


Moving on to some of Igor’s signature ne-waza moves; Dynamic, powerful and if you where uki probably unexpected, the class where lapping it up. A bit of ne-waza randori and onto tachi-waza, uchi-komi and some novel methods of getting our Morote-seoi-nage right. Finishing the evening with more randori.


A spokesman for the club said “A great master class taken by a true master we are so privileged to have Igor with us on Fridays we are all looking to learn all we can from him…… for me at the moment that show to do my ukemis properly but one day…… maybe.”


Special thanks to all our guests from other clubs we’ll keep you posted though e-mail and our Facebook site on future events hopefully with a bit more notice.

And an extra special thanks to Igor.