Medals in South of England Green Belt and Below

Congratulations to all those from the club who participated in the South of England Green Belt and Bellow completion at K2 in Crawley, an outstanding performance from all. Six competitors bought back 2 Gold and 3 Bronze medals for the club and mostly from players who have not competed in competitions at this level on a regular basis.


One of their coaches said “ I was astonished by the commitment of these young people. Sometimes people take part turning up and simply enjoy the contest. That wasn’t the case here, they might have been nervous before hand but once on the mat they were there to enjoy but also to win. I’m proud of all other them and thankful to them and all their coaches in the hard work they have put in to get them to this stage”.


Bronze - Julia u32kg

Bronze - Anne u48kg

Gold - Katlin u57kg

Gold -Kobe u42kg

Bronze - Oscar u66kg



Well done all.