Help for Hero’s

Jeorge Gold Ashley Silver


Help for Hero’s -


Gold and Silver medals for Jeorge an Ashely - 9 Nov


2 of our intrepid competitors headed of the Gillingham on the 9 November to the help for hero’s completion held in the old army gymnasium. After some consider able problems finding the venue Jeorge and Ashley looked forwards to a day of great Judo.

The help for Hero’s competition for seniors and Masters was split in to weight and Grade bands.

Jeorge competing in the Green and Blue belt under 100 kg categories stormed to victory beating all opponents with outstanding commitment and skill and ippons round and a wonderful Gold medal.

Ashley Fighting at the end of the day in the masters over 30 years open weight category started with a first contest win in 5 seconds, Okuri Ashi Barri, dispatching his next 3 opponents to face his toughest opponent in the final. A tough contest with a short break in the middle to realign the mats but the day was not to be his being held for ippon and bringing home the sliver.

Gold and silver a great result.