High Wycombe Kyu grade medals

Jeorge Gold Medal

High Wycombe Kyu grade medals

Noah and Jorge both headed off to the High Wycombe Kyu grade competition on the 4th October and had some impressive contests returning with 2 medals Noah won a Bronze and Jorge Gold.  Congratulations to both.

Noahs’ first didn’t start well with an initial loss after 3 minutes but he fought back to win the second contest in about 2 minutes with a short delay as his opponent injured his nose and had to get a cotton bud up his nostril. Jorge had three contests and won two of them by Ippon and the last one by hold down. The first in 6 seconds, the second in under 30 seconds and the last just under a minute.  

Noah said “We both competed very well on that day and hope to have continued success”.


Again congratulations form all at the club and keep competing