01 April 2016
Class photos
This page contains recent class photos
21 February 2016
South Coast Senior Kyu and Dan Split Grade Event
 South Coast Senior Kyu and Dan Split Grade Event 21 February Continuing the 2016  medal success 4 club players visited Worthing sport centre today...
07 February 2016
15 Surrey Medals
 15 Surrey Medals  7 February Great results from Croydon Judo Club players today at the Surrey closed with the boys bringing in 2 golds 1 silver and...
16 January 2016
Kent Kyu Grade Open
 Kent Kyu Grade Open16 January Not to be outdone by our junior players 4 of our kyu grades visited Dartford Judo Club to take part in the Kent Kyu...
16 January 2016
 Southern Area British Schools Championships16 JanuaryWhat a start to the years January saw 3 of our junior squad compete in the Southern Area...
06 December 2015
2015 End of Year Championships
2015 End of Year Championships This year we bought the end of year celebrations forwards a little to the  5th of December so thaat more of you could...
23 November 2015
The 2015 Kata Course by MR Y IURA, KODOKAN 8TH DAN
 The 2015 Kata Course by MR Y IURA, KODOKAN 8TH DANKodokan Goshin-jutsu and Katame-no-kata  On the weekend of the weekend of the 21 /22 November we...
21 November 2015
Master class Igor Sorcoa 2011 World Bronze Medallists
 Master class - Igor Sorcoa 2011 World Bronze Medallists   Igor Sorcoa 2011 World Bronze Medallists takes Friday night master class on 20th November...
06 November 2015
We Will Remember Them Championship
 We Will Remember Them Championship ..........  James “Judo” Jefferies travelled to The Army Gymnasium, Brompton Barracks, Gillingham, on the 6...
25 October 2015
Southend International Judo Championships Bronze
 Southend International Judo Championships Bronze Ashley competed at the 2015 Southend International this Sunday (25 November) in the Southend...