Membership and Mat Fees

Your first session with us is FREE and we can lend you a jacket. After that the following fees will apply, and you may like to consider becoming a full member of our club. If you decide to stick with judo then you will also need to buy a BJA License so that you are insured when you train, as well as a judo-gi (a judo suit). Judo-gis can be purchased through the club (though this is not a requirement!), prices depend on size but generally range from £15 to £30.


Membership is not required to train but does entitle one to reduced mat fees. All memberships run from 1st June to 31st May the following year.

(Under 18s)
Seniors Family
£ 15 £ 25 £ 27

Mat Fees

Please find below the costs for a single training session.

Members Non-members
Juniors (Under 18s) £ 4 £ 5
Seniors £ 5 £ 8

Termly Fees

Members are able to pay for their mat fees on a termly basis. (With three terms to a year: September to December, January to April, May to August.) For those training regularly this offers substantial savings that compare favourably with other sport and martial art clubs in the area.

Term cost
(4 months)
Annual cost
(inc. Membership)
monthly cost
Juniors (Under 18s) £ 70 £ 225 £ 18.75
Seniors £ 85 £ 280 £ 23.33

Annual Fees

Alternatively, it is also possible to pay on an annual basis for even greater savings. This pays for both membership and mat fees in a single lump sum for simplicity and convenience.

Annual cost
(inc. Membership)
monthly cost
Juniors (Under 18s) £ 200 £ 16.66
Seniors £ 250 £ 20.83

Please enquire at the office for membership forms etc.