Membership and Mat Fees

Your first session with us is FREE and we can lend you a jacket. After that the following fees will apply, and you may like to consider becoming a full member of our club. If you decide to stick with judo then you will also need to buy a BJA License so that you are insured when you train, as well as a judo-gi (a judo suit). Judo-gis can be purchased through the club, prices depend on size but generally range from £15 to £30.


Membership is not required to train but does entitle you to reduced mat fees. All memberships run for a year.

(Under 18s)
£ 30 £ 30

Mat Fees

Please find below the costs for a single training session.

Members Non-members
Juniors (Under 18s) £ 6 £ 6
Seniors £ 7 £ 9

Monthly Fees

Members are able to pay for their mat fees on a monthly basis, by recurring card payment and this includes free club membership.

Monthly cost
Juniors (Under 18s) £ 28
Seniors £ 36

Annual Fees

Alternatively, it is also possible to pay on an annual basis for even greater savings. This pays for both membership and mat fees in a single lump sum for simplicity and convenience.

Annual cost
(inc. Membership)
Juniors (Under 18s) £ 265
Seniors £ 350

Please enquire at the office for membership forms etc.