Hall of Fame

Danny Harper

5th Dan

Danny Harper started judo at evening classes in 1967, and joined Croydon Judo Club the year after. A 5th Dan (including 4 competitive Dan grades), Danny brings an enormous wealth of experience to the mats; two times Southern area Gold medallist and squad player for 6yrs. The very first player to be presented with the Cliff Baker-Brown award for services to judo in the Southern area, British trials Bronze medallist and National squad Surrey squads player.

Sheila Hersey

4th Dan


As a competition control and master tactician Sheila brings something very special to every sessions. Hear gentle tones keep both children and adults focused and ensure a very clear and precise learning environment.

Ashley Parrette

3rd Dan

Ashley started judo at the age of 11 and after a short break has returned to the club to coach and compete at international level. Winning a Commonwealth Masters Judo Championship Gold medal in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in April 2016 was the highpoint of his competitive carrier to date. His impressive haul of 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medal in 2016 speaks volumes about his love for the sport.

Lesley Woods

2nd Dan

Lesley Woods (2nd Dan Comp; middle of photo) - a National squad player and medallist in the British trials, Southern area squad player and medallist in Southern area events and Surrey squad player - has been involved in judo for at least 25yrs and is still a formidable player (famous for her strangles; ask any of the men!).

Rebecca Harper

2nd Dan

Rebecca Harper (competitive 2nd Dan) is a qualified coach who assists with Sunday classes. She began judo in 1994, has been a National and Southern Area Squad player, Surrey squad player and coach and National Masters squad player. Despite her tremendous experience, Rebecca is very modest! She is also a Personal Safety Advisor.

Sid Hearsey

2nd Dan

Sid has recently agreed to take over the coaching of this session. Sid is a coach and referee with a tremendous amount of experience, and no stranger to junior judoka training on Tuesdays and Thursday. Over the coming weeks I hope to extract more information from this modest and unassuming sensei!

Steve Smith

2nd Dan

Steve Smith (2nd Dan Comp; right of photo) has been at Croydon for at least 30 years and was always around the top 8 players in the UK. He was also a regular squad member in the Southern area and Surrey squads. Steve’s judo is a joy to watch as he is so supple and flowing on the mat; a great contributor to the Sunday sessions and great ambassador for Judo!

Geoff Heathman

1st Dan

Geoff has been practising and coaching Judo for longer than he would like to admit, and is a long standing member of the club. He works with juniors and seniors and, in addition to being highly experienced and qualified, is welcoming and encouraging.

(If you are an adult considering taking up Judo for the first time, it is particularly encouraging to note the Sensei Geoff did not take up the sport until he was in his mid-30s!)

Mike Smith

1st Dan

Mike, like many other coaches, was gradually drawn into judo; first taking his children along to the Primary School's Judo Club ("It improves school discipline and gives the pupils confidence" said the Head Teacher), staying around to help put the mats away, then coming on the mats for 'just half hour' with a few other parents for a bit of keep fit. Before long a few hold-downs, turnovers and escapes were thrown in, and then - inevitably - the simple throw.

Paul "Touchy" Petty

1st Dan

Paul Petty he is another Dan grade Sunday player who was a national squad player, Southern area champion and Surrey squad player. Paul - also known to our club members as 'Touchy' because of his past competitive spirit - started at CJC some 30 years ago as a junior and is still formidable on the mat. Once again he is an asset to the Sunday session with an intelligent and classical approach to judo.

Rob "Rhino" Murly

1st Dan

During the year that Pink Floyd launched their debut album and Concorde was unveiled (1967), Rob 'Rhino' Murly first stepped on the judo mats! He gained his 1st Dan in 1995 and in the last few years has qualified as a BJA Coach. Rob is also a National Assessor for Personal Safety Advisors, a member of the Institute of Personal Safety, was a BJA Personal Safety Trainer and is a qualified First Aider.