Your Club Needs You

Calling all parents and senior players,


We would like to invite you to a short meeting at the club this Saturday, 8 March 2014, at 3pm.


The purpose of the meeting is to work through what the club is good at and what we could do to improve. We would really like your support to do as much as possible to build on our strengths and to ensure we have a plan to deal with the areas where we are less strong.

If you would like to be part of this discussion and are able to give up a little of your free time we would like to see you here on Saturday.

To get an idea of number please put you name on the sheet in the office.

 Thank you for your support.


Dear Ashley,due to a recent total hip replacement operation I was unable to attend the Club meeting but wanted to thank you for your forward thinking initiative in trying to focus Croydon Judo Club members on the club's future..